Handbook Flower Arranging


The “Handbook of Dutch Flower Arranging” is published in April 2017. This book is divided in two parts. Part one discusses the theory, describing the materials and tools required in flower arranging. It explains how to use the tools and a series of tutorials on YouTube demonstrate various techniques. The practical section provides clear step-by-step instructions to make all kinds of flower arrangements, varying from shoulder corsages to bridal bouquets. Above all, this book was meant to be a source of inspiration for you to develop your own creativity. The arrangements described are really just a basis from which you can devise new ideas of your own. See them as examples for you to experiment with.

While writing this book I drew on my experience as florist owner and as a flower arranging teacher. All themes and techniques that are presented in the book are part of the curriculum in the vocational education of flower arranging, DFA and ADFA.

The book contains 280 pages with 428 photos and drawings of flower works and the materials that are to be used. Moreover, in the book you will find QR-codes that give you access to 20 tutorials with explanation about the different techniques. The tutorials are subtitled in English.

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e-mail: jan.vanderkamp@xs4all.nl

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