Greeting Cards

Sell ​​greeting cards

The greeting cards are folded cards with envelope. A6 Format. The greeting cards can be ordered by e-mail Enter your order by specifying the name, street and town, telephone number and number of cards with order number. You will receive an account with shipping costs. Upon receipt of the payment you will receive the order as soon as possible. Shipping costs in the Netherlands are free when you buy more than 51 cards. Shipping costs outside the Netherlands varies by country. You will be notified in advance what the shipping costs are.

Greeting cards prices:
€ 2,00 each (till 50 cards)
€ 1,50 each (with 51-200 cards)
€ 1,00 each ( with 201 and more cards)

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Last year, work by me, the “Iris family”, appeared in a book by the English writer Helen Birch. This book was published in six European languages. Now the English version has appeared. The book has 207 pages. In which various techniques of painting are described. Attention is also paid to the creation of compositions.